Introduction books/interesting thesis ideas on string theory

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Hi string group,

I'm a new member. In a few months I'll have completed my final exams and can finally start to write my diploma thesis (german diploma) in theoretical physics and mathematics.

Naturally I'm a novice in the subject, having only very superficial basic knowledge from a supersymmetry/supergravity/superstring lecture. So I'm currently collecting information about books, interesting articles and so on. Since I don't have a specific thesis frame or topic to deal with, I search for general readings or interesting suggestions that could be dealt with. Of course I'm aware of the obvious readings (Polchinski, Green/Schwarz/Witten) that are currently scattered around my desk.

Current ideas for a thesis topic are something (very vague and preliminary) "anomalies in multi-dimensional brane-extensions in string theory" or something like that.

So what I'm asking for are some inspiring hints, that could be deals with in detail. Please note that the subjects should contain sufficient mathematical aspects, because it should be a thesis for both departments (that's ok by the regulations if the thesis has the sufficient length...).

Maybe this question is a bit preliminary because my actual lack of deeper knowledge in the subject, but on the other hand I prefer reading books and knowing whats goint to appear between the lines.

Thanks so far, Benjamin.

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