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Introduction: Love this place!

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    I am AnnieMama for now. I am new to social media so have no idea what I am doing. You all sound so bright and know so much! Which is great! I have never studied Physics, but have always wanted to, so maybe I'll take a class somewhere this summer. I'm a former ballet dancer turned Elem. school teacher (now retired), and Science was my favorite subject to teach. I was also fortunate in getting to see a NASA launch (and a landing, which was fascinating.)MY best friend worked there. Thanks again for having me! --Annie
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Hi there. Thanks for the welcome! I agree with OmCheeto based on this quote, but have not read his work. I know more about Physiology and Anatomy because I had to take it in Med school as all the other sections were closed, and how things work at the 3rd grade level (grin) such as volcanos, clouds, pkants, etc.
    I also have some knowledge (only a little) of aerodynamics from my NASA visits.
    LOVE Quantum Physics. Always understand what I read but never retain enough to explain it
    Say, at the risk of imposing on you, do you know how I reach other members on the Board? It has just been so long since I used message boards, and I want to thank the people who sent me trophies. I am signing up for a course of social media, but it will take a while. Consider this a LIKE, since I don't knw even how to do that. (Duh! Dumb, I know, but I was growing up in a different era. I did once Program computers in BAL but that's not helpful to me now.
    Thanks (and a LIKE here)!--Annie
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    Welcome to PF

    You don't really "reach other members" here except on rare occasions. This is not facebook or that kind of social media place at all, it's a forum for asking science questions. You CAN "PM" (private message) people here but it isn't normally done. Questions are for the open forums. When you ask a question, you never know who is going to answer and all followup is, again, in the open forum.

    There is a section for chit-chat, called the "General Discussion" which is more like what you are probably thinking of.
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    Forum takes a bit of getting used to. You used the "quote" button to quote my post but then you hit "post reply" before you added any comment to that post, which is what one normally does after quoting someone's comment.

    EDIT: you can use the "edit" button (for a limited time) to go back and edit your post.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    We are not so much a social media website (although sometimes PF threads/stories are linked to via social media). To learn how to use the PF, you can hover your mouse over INFO in the top right of the screen, and click on Help/How-To. :smile:
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    Om! We need your fishy-aftertaste flavored wisdom, stat!
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    If you're curious about my brilliance, Annie, here is some of my best work:
    Perpetual Motion machine [It worked exactly as I suspected it would]
    Over-unity Device [input energy: 42 watt-hours, output energy 2300 watt-hours. I finally started building a production model last summer.]

    I'm also very wise:
    I'm also apparently associated with "Garden Gnomes"; "OmCheeto called to inform me I owe him for several chewed up lawn gnomes and several littering fines."
    Though I have no recollection of making such a phone call.

    Anyways, :welcome: :oldsmile:
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