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Introduction of myself

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    My name is Michael. I am interested in cosmology, mathematics, number theory, Minkowski spacetime, a vacuum, Geometry of that Minkowski spacetime, and a few other subjects. I do not disagree with classical physics. I believe it is nearly exhaustively proven and believe in that. I'm a curious fellow when it comes to geometry.

    Please question my inquiry as I do not know all of the evidence. I can't.

    I have been delving into the forum and I need to introduce myself
    I believe mathematics can be seen in nature.

    Hello and generous thanks to the force of moderation.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thank you! I feel welcome. Friendly place. I've recieved a lot of help recently from the forum. If I get brownie points, as a machinist I made a hatch pin for the HST hatch for use on the repair mission. It was excellent. Got a mission pin or a patch I can't remember which. Used to make reaction wheels too.
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