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Introduction of myself

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    My name is Reed Coray. I have a BS degree (1966) and a PhD degree (1972) in physics from the University of Utah. I am retired (retired in 2008). I spent my entire professional career mostly doing digital signal processing (a discipline more closely related to electrical engineering than to physics) so my physics is both old and rusty. I currently am interested in the physics (or lack thereof) of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). As of 28 March 2017, I hold the opinion that many of the physical arguments used by AGW proponents to convince the general public that AGW is a serious problem are misleading or flat wrong.
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    I agree in the past there was information presented by well intentioned scientists that was skewed and as a result, we banned discussion on CC here for a while to let the dust settle. We have tentatively reopened discussions because even though there were misguided scientists that may have abused their power, we cannot deny that AGW is real. So, we only allow information in discussions that is scientifically sound, no politics, no sensationalism, and they must be posted in the earth forum, be backed up by appropriate, scientifically accepted sources, and abide by the rules in that forum. This sub-forum is for member introductions only, so welcome, please read the global guidelines and the rules for the sub forums which you will find pinned near the top of those sub forums.
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    Hi reed ! Me also retired, having BS(1976) in Electrical Engineering (METU Turkey) but mostly busy with software as system programmer/analyst. Now having plenty of time to focus on other subjects like this (global warming). At first glance I also very concerned! and seek solution for problem. It is obvious we can't remove blanket covering the globe. Then re analyze the problem. Blanket reducing conductivity. If you let the globe cool in natural way (using thermodynamic rule, "heat flow from hotter region to cooler region rule") you will depend on heat difference and conductivity constant of boundary, separating those region. Either we seek a solution to reduce this value by adding some more conductive particles (eg dust which is pollution) Or we relook to problem, which is temperature rising (heating). Then re think. How can we cool it? (contacting with cooler mass and let thermodynamic work in natural way is not an option) Cooling is actually losing entropy (energy). If somehow we can convert atmospheric heat to electricity, we can easily transmit it somewhere else in electromagnetic wave form. Do we transmit to waste or use this energy in our work process. If we use it in work it will create heat again which is form a cycle. Then people will not need any further neither fossil nor nuclear fuels. We will have real energy recycling.
    In this idea, the nightmare subject, sera effect became a caretaker gift to preserve our energy forever even our glorious sun start to became dimming.
    Can we convert liberal heat energy in atmosphere to electricity?
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