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Introduction (Sorry if it's wrong place)

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    Hi, I just joined today. My name is Tyler and I'm a Junior in high school. Currently I'm in AP Physics C and next semester I'm starting Physical Chemistry. I enjoy physics although my favorite science is chemistry. I'm most likely going to be going into Chemical Engineering in the future. Nice to meet all of you.

    Also it won't let me start a new thread in Physics Learning Materials section so I'll ask here, I want to self study some physics so what can I self-study without having to be done with calculus-based general physics? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Tyler, welcome to PF :smile:!

    Yes you have discovered we keep the Learning Materials forum under control. But there are other options for you.

    In the book forum, you will find reviews of textbooks:

    https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=224 [Broken]

    If you have specific questions that are homework (or like homework, e.g. questions from the end of a chapter), try the homework forum:


    For general or conceptual questions, try the General Physics Forum:


    Btw, what is your favorite fish?
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    Oh ok, thanks for letting me know and for all the info. And favorite fish? In what context? To eat to just in general?
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    Welcome to Physics Forums.

    My suggestion; try to get a heads-up on calculus. You may be interested in this:

    PF partnership with Educator.com
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    This past semester I completed Calculus 3 (and I'm taking Differential next semester). Thank you though, any other self-study suggestions? And I already signed up for that website.
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    hi, iam new to this forum, hello to every one here
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    It's for a particular pleasant and delightful purpose, which we cannot declare it until you reveal your favorite fish. So, what is it? :biggrin:
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    Salmon then
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    welcome & physics-self study

    hi tyler,
    Welcome to our forum. I see you were treated to our official fish welcome, congratulations :biggrin:

    In addition to the references mentioned for physics self study. I would also suggest the Khan Academy free online talks. My link points to their physics section. We also had a thread discussing Khan Academy.
    If you haven't reviewed any of those yet, they also cover topics in several other areas, including chemistry.
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    I've known about Khan Academy for a while but I didn't know they had AP level physics videos, I'll check it out, thank you :) any reading suggestions for better understanding ?
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    Reading suggestion

    There are so many good texts. I found: University Physics by Young and Freedman, to be very useful, in my first three introductory physics classes. :smile: It offers lots of diagrams and they explain concepts in understandable language. It also has many good homework problems to reinforce concepts. Although this text was used for college level courses, I feel it is understandable to high school physics students, especially taking advanced placement.

    This text is also one of the those referenced in the first link on post #2 by Lisab. :wink:

    As with most texts these days, this one is not cheap. If you have a college or university that you know you will be attending, you may want to look up what text they use in your program of study, for their intro physics courses. You might want to look through it, if you have a chance and see how readable it appears to you (and also see if we referenced it in our book forum link). That way you could have a good reference and one less text to purchase (or rent) your freshman year at college. :approve:
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    that's what i said... they didn't like it :( , oh well, you'll learn..
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    It's best to choose a small fish, like a minnow for example. If you get slapped with a salmon, it hurts...
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    Try megadolon, its very small*.
    *well, compared to the milky way for example...
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