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Introduction to Calculus and Analysis

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    Has any one used this set of books by Richard Courant and Fritz John? If so, I would like some advice about them.
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    From what I know, Courant's book is close to the very top; in quality and rigour.
    This might make it a tough going, but if you persevere, you will be amply rewarded.
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    Iuse Differential and Integral Calculus y Couranr. It' really good
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    Yes, I've noticed, I had to read a few sections 2-3 times before I understood everything. But since you say its one of the best, im gonna continue with it, thanks.
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    courant and john is a rewrite of courant, attempting to incorporate some more rigorous and precise methods of the mid 20th century. it is a wonderful book, but i prefer the original courant as more intuitive and less stuffy.

    i have learned and taught from both and they are not all that different, but to me the rewrite loses the charm of the original.
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    Youre making me have second thoughts again! So, what exactly is the difference? can you be more specific, or maybe point out some examples?
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    courant and john focuses more on analysis. Like mathwonk said, it is slightly pressured by its time to combine two subjects. Whereas the original is a full exposition on the calculus.
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    Huh? I thought mathematical analysis and calculus are the same thing..
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