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Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

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    Hey guys,

    I havent taken thermodynamics yet, I have only taken it in general chemistry, which amounts to pretty much nothing. But ive heard from many friends that Fluid mechanics is a very tough course, so im trying to teach it to myself before I have to take it next year. Ive only gotten through the first chapter, but its no joke! Alot of serious mathematics of differential equations on the very first example. The book is called "Introduction to Fluid Mechanics" Rober w.Fox and Alan T. McDonald. Do you guys think im wasting my time having not taken thermo yet, or can I grasp any of the stuff going on here. On one example they used the first law of themrodynamics, so I had to sift through a thermo book to see the formula used and get a vague idea about it, to finish my way through the problem. Anyways, thanks for your important input.


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    At my college, I think both fluids and thermo were junior level core courses and neither was a pre-requisite for the other (I also used Fox McDonald). Certainly there's some overlap as you've already seen, but there's no reason that you'd have to wait to take thermo before learning about fluids. Just post on the boards if you come across something unclear. Good luck with the self-study.
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    man, this material and book is GREAT so far! (im only on chapter 2, but its awsome stuff! :-)
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