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Introduction to Topology

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    Does anyone know where can I get a Topology for dummy? I'm learning Topology Spaces and Interior, Closure and boundary in the first two chapters of the text book. I've had difficult time working on my homework assignments. Just wonder if some of you already had this course before willing to help since my first exam will be the week after next week. Thanks
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    Have you tried Schaum's Outlines?. They are excellent for the basics, and even
    for some more advanced material . The book's author is Seymour Lipschutz .
    You can find them at any bookstore, i.e., the B&Noble or Borders in your 'hood.
    Or they may even have a copy at your school and/or local library.
    You may also wanna post questions here , and we'll give them a try.

    Good Luck.
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