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Introduction to Vectors

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    I am trying to write a hook for vectors on a linear algebra course. Does anyone have an opening fon vectors that will have a real impact on students?
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    perhaps you could take a page from the Numbers TV show and devise a crime that is solved by using vector methods.

    You could have a similar tag line like: "We use Vectors everyday..."

    Perhaps you could look at your problem sets, pick a favorite problem and construct a science-fiction story around it to present to the student.

    Numb3rs TV show did have an episode called Vector but it was centered around the spread of a deadly virus.

    In another episode, Charlie uses support vectors:


    and in yet another episode, Charlie tracks snipers:


    Well you get the idea, take a common vector problem and dress it up as an interesting crime that is either proved or disproved by vector math.
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