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Introductions: Zionic

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    Hope you are having a great day so far.

    My name is Dominique, but feel free to refer me as Zionic.
    I am currently attending a University and majoring in Chemical Physics with a minor Concentration in Nuclear Science. However, I'm transitioning into Chemical Engineering through another university for Eng Sci pre-requisites as a /right of passage/.

    I am also my old high school's Laboratory Technician! The lab is my natural habitat and I am known there as "the Alchemist". For at least one hobby, I guess it would be cubbing (Rubik's Cube) because of it's intrinsic application from Group Theory. But..I am a beginner cubist. A very beginner cubist, a second-trimester old cubist.

    I prefer old and dated textbooks to new ones, my sleep schedule is nocturnal and I drink 2 liters of tea everyday!

    I look forward to interact and nerd out with you all.

    Best Wishes,


    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I am a Go enthusiast and that I love playing GO, and have been for some years now.
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    Welcome to PF Dominique!
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