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Introductory cogsci papers

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    I study the cognitive sciences over at Rutgers University. In particular, I am majoring in Psychology and Linguistics. Last semester I took a 'Topic in CogSci' class that had various professors from the University talk about their line of research to give us an overview/discussion about topics that, otherwise, we might not cover in depth.

    The syllabus, complete with a different topic and paper each week, is located @ http://ruccs.rutgers.edu/~karin/Cogsci411.htm [Broken]

    I post it here for anyone who may be interested.
    Most of the papers are pretty straightforward to any logical minded individual, but might get you interested in some of the more in depth topics.

    Outside of my areas of expertise, I found http://ruccs.rutgers.edu/ArchiveFolder//Research%20Group/Publications/Rethink/rethink.html" [Broken] to be interesting.

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