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Introductory Physics

  1. Jun 22, 2015 #1
    Hello all,

    I'm currently 13 and I'm currently looking to pursue physic studies, but I'm not entirely sure my math backgrounds are sufficient for me to understand elementary physics. I'm on the verge of completing Algebra 2, moving onto Pre-Calc once summer ends.

    Any ideas?
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    High school physicss? Sure. College physics not so much.
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    I'm fine with High School Physics, but can you link or suggest some resources for my case?
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    Khan academy maybe. I took calc and college physics at the same time. It was okay
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    For the most introductory physics, all that's really needed is a solid handle on algebra and a knowledge of basic right triangle trigonometry, as well as a working knowledge of basic geometrical properties.

    ETA - However, to really do physics, one must have a good working knowledge of differential and integral calculus. A physics class that doesn't include calculus is really just using standardized formulas that are a result of the calculus. Such a class has a much more limited scope, but is still a worthwhile introduction.
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