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Introductory Quantum Physics Reading?

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    I am a first year university student (and have taken chemistry and physics through high school, and still do) and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for reading that would give me a good introduction to the basic background ideas behind quantum physics. I've already learned a good deal about Neils Bohr and his gang, but I was looking for something that would be easily accessible to someone with only some basic calculus, a good understanding of chemistry, and a good understanding of physics (i.e. someone like me).

    Thank you for any suggestions.
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    Normally I would either recommend a standard undergraduate quantum mechanics text, or else a non-mathematical popularization. But for someone who is mostly looking for concepts, but who also has a calculus-level mathematical background, I think Vol. III of the Feynman Lectures would be a good choice. Feynman goes quite far without using a whole lot of gory mathematics; you won't learn how to grind through and solve lots of problems, but you will get a solid sense of the foundations of the theory.
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    Tom Mattson

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    In addition to the Feynman lectures, I would recommend Modern Physics by Krane.
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    Thanks a lot, you guys!
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    by Marvin Chester
    copyright 1987 (Reprint 1992,?)
    Published by
    ISBN 0-89464-701-6
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    I've heard good things about Chester. Is it back in print again? Last I heard, it wasn't.
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    SEARCH marvin chester
    paperback 19.95
    May 2002
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    http://store.yahoo.com/doverpublications/0486428788.html [Broken]

    same paperback 19.95
    ISBN 0486428788
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