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Homework Help: Introductory Systems and Signal Processing resources?

  1. Sep 20, 2012 #1
    I don't have an explicit problem to be answered per se, but what can I do about my signals processing course?

    We're only into our 4th week of school, and already my professor has had several lectures on Fourier Transforms. I am lost. Besides basic calculus, trig, and complex number theory, I didn't really know much going into this course. And he's already getting into the core of the subject matter.

    All of the other resources that I've taken a look at seem to introduce the Fourier Transform at least halfway into the course, once a great bit of background has been developed. My professor has not taken the time to do this, so all I see on the board is a bunch of improper integrals and special functions with little meaning.

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