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Introductory to QT?

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    I've been getting into physics a lot recently and the really theoretical aspect of it has caught me so I've been studying astrophysics and chaos theory outside of school on my own. The thing is though whenever I try and get a grasp on Quantum Physics, whether through wikipedia (not the best source, I know) or some books my teacher lent me it seems to elude me and I'm stuck with that "What did I just read?" feeling. Can any of you recommend a good place to start and ease my way into quantum theory as the concept seems infinitely fascinating.
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    Anything by Brian Greene is a good place to start - either "the fabric of the cosmos" or "the elegant universe" or maybe "the new quantum universe" by Tony Hey and Patrick Walters.

    Just out of interest - because you said you were at school - how old are you?
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    Well firstly, as you say, wikipedia is a terrible place to go to try and learn something. I really advise you against doing this.

    I presume you're after a popular science introduction to quantum theory. Which books did you teacher loan to you?

    As an aside, I'm moving this to the book recommendation section.
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    If you are not looking for pop science but a solid introduction to QM, I found "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics" by D.J Griffiths a very good book...I am doing QM as self-study myself and I likes this book a lot..
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    I'm 17.

    And my teacher has loaned me "A Brief History of Time" and "The Moment of Creation" which are good but some of the quantum stuff in the former book just goes right through me.
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    That's string theory not qm.
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    Yeah but it's got a good section on QM.

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