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Invasion of the Sea Squirts

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    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060525/ap_on_sc/sea_squirt_invasion [Broken]

    Look at the picture! It's an animal apparently. :eek:

    Odd thing for a biologist to say...
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    Vinegar. Interesting. Does significantly lowering the pH of a marine enviorment do any damage? Let's do a study and find out! :confused:
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    I hope they can be contained. They sound like a real problem.

    On a slightly separate note -

    There is a serious problem with the destruction of sea life. The attached is a very good article. The rate at which ocean resources are being destroyed for a quick profit is very disturbing.

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    Of course it's an animal. I can clearly discern well-formed fingers with nails at the ends.
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