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Invention in a dekade

  1. Jun 20, 2008 #1
    in this ONE century we got from horsewagons to

    old school physics, quantum mechanics
    TV, computers, nano scale, robots, gene tech and so on...

    In the next centuries we will problably get fusion, maybee quantum computers, cure of deseases, maybee AI, travelling to other planets and so on....

    but will we then get stuck in physics. Has physics and technology reached its end?
    whats the next? time/space travel? rather unrealistic...

    Okay lets say in 1000-10.000 years (which is a fraction of the human evolution), would we have invented all?
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    No, of course not.
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    ok. What you mean is that in principle one has no limitations at all in our future?
    The physics set the limitation (fx. like it almost already has done in computerchip technology). So you think that we will gain NEW physics the next billion years. how naive, as we already have theories that describe nature well
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    Doc Al

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    You're sounding pretty naive yourself, thinking that it's all wrapped up. (That's been said before!) And what does this have to do with philosophy?
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    You asked about inventions. You asked about new technology. Your summary question was
    I suggest that you re-read your own post before making a reply.

    You actually think that there is nothing left to discover in physics? You'd better not tell that to all of the physicists here. :rolleyes:

    Also, you need to read the guidelines for posting in this forum.

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