Inventor Creates Soundless Sound System



    Is this true or a hoax?


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  3. anybody can check it out for me?
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    I saw this about a year ago, and imho, 500K is not deserved
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  5. Great, just what I wanted, to be yelled at from across the room. Even while fleeing from the insanity on one of his ultra-lites, they could still point the sound "ray" at me and keep yelling!
  6. This is real. I have heard on and off about this guy over the years. Pretty cool.
    Last I heard the japanese bought his idea so they could use it to advertise with pop machines or something. You would only hear it when you stood in front of it.

    Uses microwave interference to rapidly heat( vibrate ) the air in a localized region.

    I like how whenever some new radical tech comes out, all the "scientist" on this website can never admit its possible, just because they do not understand it. This website suffers from the "We already know everything there is to know" syndrom. Most of these guys really need to spend less time on their computers, and more time in reality.
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    Do you have an example of this? I haven't had that experience here at all.
  8. russ_watters

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  9. I am refering mostly to the fact there are many banned topics here.

    I know there is a microwave version as well. I thought this was the guy using it.
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    We need a credible source to support a claim like that.

    To my knowledge, there is no way that your statement could be correct.
  11. russ_watters

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  12. Ivan Seeking

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    That I can understand because it is all RF. However. Mr. Hayman seems to be saying that the microwaves are being used to create conditions that lead to destructive interference in sound waves.
  13. I may be incorrect. But when I first read about this tech years ago he said it had something to do with microwaves. Maybe he was just refering to the phased array principle as it is used in rader. It was years ago I first heard about this. I am surprised it hasn't really made into the public field.
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    Is this the same Woody Norris who gave a TED presentation, posted in Jan 2009 ?

    I am pretty sure TED screens crackpots before allowing them to present their inventions, watch the video, 15 minutes or so and see what you think. I will tell you that he doesn't go into great technical detail in describing it, only examples and suggestions on practical applications for it. Woody does not have a college degree, and admits it in his presentation. I will leave it for you to assess.

    Here is his TED bio



    This is general observation on my part, please don't take offense, I have been watching TED for over 3 years now and regularly return for breakthroughs and advances in science and technology. For instance, Lee Smolin, George Smoot, and other Nobel Prize winners have presented 20 minute or so talks here. IMHO, there are few better sites in the world for the public to get news on breaking science or technology NOT covered by mainstream media. TED was the springboard that launched Garrett Lisi and his E8 Theory in 2007 I believe.
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    I have had a bit of time to think about this, if Woody's invention is being sold and used in different applications doing precisely what he claims it does, doesn't this thread deserve relocation in say the General or Electrical Engineering Forums ?

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    Great idea, no science. I believe David Copperfield already pulled off this trick.
  17. Imagine cheating on an exam by beaming answers across the room to be heard by one listener. Students are going to get better at cheating, but that's another story.

    Do you think we'll still be talking about boxes sliding down frictionless inclines then?
  18. It reminds me of whispering across a planetarium or other dome.
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