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Inverse cumulative normal dis help

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    any one know how to solve for [tex]k[/tex] in the following question?

    [tex]Pr(X<k|X<23)=0.32[/tex] where [tex]X-N(22,25)[/tex].

    I just cant get it.

    cheers n thanx in advance.
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    P(X<k|X<23) = 1 if k >= 23 why??
    if k<23, then
    P(X<k|X<23) = P(X<k)/P(X<23) why??

    -- AI
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    doesn't work out and they have the answer as 17.525 in book.

    any helps
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    What does this notation mean: [itex]X-N(22,25)[/itex] ? Can you express it with words?
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