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Homework Help: Inverse expressions

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    yea ok but wait how do u find the inverse of like



    whats the formula is not in the book

    BTW i can't do those equations in latex...
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    interchange x and y, and solve for y.
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    answer says y=x^3
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    which is exactly what courtrigrad's method predicts:

    1° interchange x and y: y=(x)^(1/3) --> x=y^(1/3)

    2° solve for y: x=y^(1/3) --> y=x^3
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    make sure you understand algebra thomas, if you don't know all the algebra rules now, learn them b4 it's too late!
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    For y= 3(2x), again do what courtrigrad said: Swap x and y to get x= 3(2y) and solve for y by taking logs of both sides:
    log(x)= log(3(2y))= ylog(2)+ log(3)
    y log(2)= log(x)- log(3)= log(x/3)
    y= log(x/3)/log(2).
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