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Inverse Fourier Transform

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    Can someone help me and tell me the steps to solve the inverse Fourier transform of the following function

    (10*sin(3*omega)) / (omega+Pi)

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    You will need to integrate "this function times exp(i*omega*t)" over omega from -inf to +inf. The resulting thing is a function of t, which is in the time domain, as usually called.
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    How would I work this out by hand? I know you probably need to use trig identities in order to simplify the problem. Do you have any suggestions.
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    you know exp(iwt)=cos(wt)+i*sin(wt); then you're right, triangle idents are needed. Just treat i as a constant, and it won't hurt other calculation.
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    I'm still just confused of how to get a simplified answer. Do you have time to work the problem out and let me know what sort of answer you get?

    Thanks for all your help.
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