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Homework Help: Inverse function

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    In this problem i have to find the inverse of the given function and the domain on which its valid. Here is the function

    f(x)= 1/(1+x)

    this is what i have done

    y= 1/(1+x)

    interchanging x and y
    x= 1/(1+y)

    y= (1/x)- 1

    this is my inverse function.

    Now i need to find the domain. Can someone please help me with that, thanks.
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    Do you mean the domain of the inverse function? What do you think could cause a problem for the domain, which x-value(s)?
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    Also, what value does the original function never take on? Clearly, there shouldn't be a well defined value of the inverse function at this point.
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    Yes i need to find the domain of the inverse function.
    The value that can cause a problem is 0.
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    Is there any other value which could cause a problem?
    And do you see the link with what StatusX told you?
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