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Homework Help: Inverse image and continuity

  1. Apr 1, 2008 #1
    1. a) Show that (f^-1 S)compliment = f^-1(S compliment) for any set S of reals.

    Then use part a) to show The function f is continuous iff f^-1(S) is closed for every closed set S.

    2. inverse image = f^-1(S) = {x: f(x) [tex]\in[/tex] S}
    f is continous iff for every open set U [tex]\in[/tex] the reals, f^-1(U) is open.
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    part a is true for any set, so you need to show f^-1(S^c) = (f^-1(S))^c,

    so take x in f^-1(S^c), so f(x) is in S^c, so f(x) is not in S, so ...

    for part b, what have you tried and what is your definition of continuous, delta/epsilon?
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