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Inverse Karaoke?

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    I went to Amadeus Live yesterday at the Eugene (Oregon) Symphony place (Hult Center).
    It was an interesting combination of the film, Amadeus (1984) with live music played by the symphony with a chorus (a trans-time connection).
    They pulled it off pretty well. Sometimes the music was a bit too loud to make out the dialog, but mostly it was fine.
    The film had the music removed when it was music being played by the musicians.
    It seemed kind of like inverse karaoke. At times, the singing was there in the film, but the music was added live.

    The musicians seemed to play all the music and sing all the parts, except for parts with a solo singer (where you could see their lips move) or piano parts where you could see the playing of the keyboard.
    These parts would have been like doing lip syncing, which is not easy, and looks bad if not done well.

    The conductor had an interesting set-up.
    He had a screen (about 15"-16") which showed the film as it was being projected (probably digitally), showed some kind of time or progress through the film number. It also had a dull white ball (maybe 3-50% transparent) show up periodically in the middle of the screen with the beat of the music. There were also periodic vertical bars going let to right across the screen indicating something. Mostly they were the same color and at intervals of maybe 10 seconds (not sure of that, but periodic). There was an initial one for a sequence (not sure of the color), then there was a green one (for go?). When it reached the right side, the music started. They appeared periodically. The last one was red (or stop?). The music stopped when it reached the right side of the screen. I am now thinking these were the time measures in the written music (which I'm not that familiar with), or maybe every other one.

    The conductor took the beats and passed them onto the musicians and everything was coordinated with the film (which was probably digital).

    I would interested in what other people think of this new (to me) combination of technologies.
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    So, they replaced the Mighty Wurlitzers with an orchestra? That closes the circle.
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    Wow, that's pretty cool. I'd like to have been there.
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    I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the screen. It was pretty far away.
    However, I had seen the movie several times already.
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