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Inverse Kinematics Software Application with Gravity and Friction

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    I have a multi component system, containing rotation of several linked elements, along with a linked rolling (w/friction) element, a beam element and GRAVITY. What I am trying to do is verify results for varriables calculated manually from constants and experimental data... does anyone know of an Inverse Kinematics Software Application with Gravity and Friction considerations? The system could be considered 2D.
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    Is it possible to model the dynamics in MATLAB or similar software?

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    Since you're talking about friction, gravity, and (presumably) inertia, I'll assume you want a dynamics package rather than just a kinematics one. Working Model is a pretty good linkage design program that allows you to run dynamics simulations, from what I remember. I'm sure there are others that I've either never seen or aren't coming to mind right now... If you really want to get to know your system, I'd go with enigma's suggestion and write your simulation in MATLAB. It's not that hard and you'll have a lot more confidence in your results (no matter how you decide to do it, you should be able to write out the equations of motion).
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    I'm doing a speech to sign language translator and i will need inverse kinematics to keep the avatar in it in shape. at 1st i didn't know its already there in matlab and i've been attempting to reinvent the wheel using vb6...my project dead line is in a month. does any one by anychance have this kinda thing already done. i have no knowledge on matlab but i'm trying to learn it now. it would be gr8 if so. i could graduate with some sanity left in me
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