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Inverse Laplace transform

  1. May 3, 2007 #1

    I have this problem:

    find the inverse laplace transfor for

    Y1(s) = exp(-s)/s^2

    Y2(s) = {1/[4*(s+1)]}*exp(-2*s)

    my solution is:

    using the 2nd shifting theroem

    y1(t) = (t-1) H(t-1)
    y2(t) = (1/4)*exp(2-t)*H(t-2)

    Is my solution correct?
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    I want to clarify that H(t-1) and H(t-2) is the Hiviside function.
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    What is the laplace transform of?
    y1(t) = (t-1) H(t-1)
    y2(t) = (1/4)*exp(2-t)*H(t-2)
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