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Homework Help: Inverse laplace transform

  1. Feb 5, 2010 #1
    ok im given the problem ((s/s^2+4)+s+5))/(s^2+6s+18) I use the expand function of my ti-89 and get
    ((163/70)*s)/((s+3)^2+9) + ((398/85))/((s+3)^2+9) + ((7/170)*s)/(s^2+4) + (6/85)/(s^2+4)
    1st term--------------------2nd term-----------------3rd term-------------4th term

    ok my issue is with the second term when i do the translation i get -2741/1190 I then want it to be 3 because of k so i get a coefficient of (2741/3570) but my calculator says it should be

    All the other terms are correct just this coefficient on second term

    Any help?
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