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Inverse Laplace transform

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    Can somebody help me to find the inverse laplace transform of these functions


    I tried solving these using matlab and mathematica,it is unable to give a result.
    Do they contain any closed form solution or should i have to go for a numerical technique to solve them?If so,anybody aware of accurate and efficient numerical technique?
    Currently iam using a Numerical technique using Haar wavelet matrices but doubt on its validity in terms of both accuracy and efficiency.
    sombeody please help me.Thanx in advance


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    Try replacing sqrt(1+s) by it Taylor series, 1+x/2 -(x^2)/8 +(x^3)/16 +...
    then express the inverse Laplace transform as an infinite sum.

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    That's a tough one! Would an asymptotic expansion be of any use?
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    thanx for the suggestion.
    but if we use a taylor series we have to truncate at some point of time and i presume it will not be more efficient than numerical techniques.....i hope so

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