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Inverse of Matrix of Matrices

  1. Jul 25, 2013 #1

    I have the following matrix of matrices


    where each element is a square matrix, A is a diagonal matrix of real numbers, whereas B is not (necessarily), and the superscript H means conjugate transpose.

    Now I have the following matrix


    where 'alpha' and 'I' are a constant scalar and the identity matrix, respectively. Will this matrix exhibit the same structure as H. In other words, can we write G as:

    [tex]\mathbf{G}=\begin{array}{cc}\mathbf{A}_G & \mathbf{B}_G \\ \mathbf{B}^H_G &\mathbf{A}_G \end{array}[/tex]

    Via simulation it looks like it does, but I am wondering how to prove this mathematically?

    Thanks in advance
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