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Homework Help: Inverse of outer-product

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    Hi All,

    This is not a homework or coursework question. Yet I have a curiosity.

    If a matrix [tex]A[/tex] is an outer-product of a vector [tex]v[/tex] as : [tex]A = v v^{\top}[/tex]

    Then can [tex]A^{-1}[/tex], inverse of [tex]A[/tex], be also expressed as an outer-product of some other vector?

    Please point me how to approach the question, how to find the answer or how to say it is possible or not.

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    If A is 0x0 or 1x1, inverting it is easy. Otherwise...

    Exercise: If v is nonzero, prove that A has rank 1.

    You can do better:

    Exercise: A matrix has rank 1 if and only if it is the outer product of two nonzero vectors.
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    oops!! Thanks.
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