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Inverse Operator

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    given is the Operator L=[tex]\widehat{1}[/tex]+|u><v|, where [tex]\widehat{1}[/tex] means the unity-tensor.

    Whats the inverse of L?

    I calculated the inverse of L in R^2 but I dont get it back to the bra-ket-notation. Can somebody help?

    BTW: Sorry for my bad english!
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    The inverse of this operator, assuming <u|v>=0, that is orthogonality, is given by 1-|u><v|.

    When in doubt about this matter put


    and using [tex]LL^{-1}=L^{-1}L=\widehat{1}[/tex] fix coeficients a and b. This is a general strategy for this kind of algebraic manipulations.

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    Thx for your fast answer!

    I think a had already that kind of inverse operator, but I didn't assume that <u|v>=0. :shy:

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