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Inverse square law

  1. Feb 19, 2004 #1
    Inverse square law

    Does anyone have an absolute basic understanding of
    "first order principles of energy dispersion"

    (A) Energy from a point source disperses spherically
    at the inverse square law.
    (B) Energy from an infinite line source disperses cylindrically
    at ½ inverse square law.

    What is the energy dispersion from a finite line source?

    Measured 90deg from center of line source, at distance x, where transition from ½ inverse square law, back to, inverse square law, takes place.

    Can anyone throw light on this question without diversions?
    1 First order principles only.
    2 In space, zero boundaries.
    3 Line length magnitudes greater than any wavelength of energy dispersed.

    Thank you.
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