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Inverse trig?

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    "Inverse" trig?

    I'm trying to think of a word that describes the opposite of a trig function.
    It's like inverse, but I know that's not exactly the right word because inverse means literally "1 over" the function.
    It's the type of function you get when you press "2nd function" before you press Sin or Cos or whatever.

    I'm pretty sure it starts with "i" ... does anyone know what I'm talking about? :confused:
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    Re: "Inverse" trig?

    I think you are looking for the word "inverse" and confusing notation with -1. 1 over something is usually called the reciprocal and is also indicated by a -1 exponent (x-1 = 1/x).
    Sometimes a -1 does mean inverse. The inverse of sine (with a restricted domain) is arcsin x = sin-1x (sin x)-1 = 1/sinx.
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    Re: "Inverse" trig?

    ahhhh okay yeah I always confuse those two
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