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Inverter design

  1. Jan 14, 2008 #1
    How to design 12vdc-220vac 2000,3000,5000 and 10000watts. I need a circuit diagrams and detailed discriptions.Thanks Ismail Dari.
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    First of all is your input AC or DC. Or just ACDC!

    The design procedures for the vaious power levels varies quite a bit and is not somehting you can get by just 'googling it' The filter part of the circuit itself involves a lot of things. I suggest you catch hold of some expert or find a book written by an expert (not just theory, but practical also) to help you out.
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    We sure are getting a lot of questions about this lately. Ismail, please read this recent thread where we had a discussion about AC Mains safety:


    After reading that, could you please post a bit here about your background in electronics and project construction, and where the inverters will be used? Thanks.
  5. Mar 9, 2011 #4
    I am a new member i am working on one inverter but i am havering problems with connecting the emitters of the 2n3055 transistor to the negative terminal of the battery , can some help out with this plz . Thank you
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    Here is an old inverter circuit used in the 1960's for Capacitor Discharge (CD) ignition circuits, using two 2N3055's. Note that this circuit is for 6-volt batteries.


    Bob S
  7. Mar 14, 2011 #6
    bob s thank you for your reply but the information you sent me did not hepl me with the solution but all the same i am greatful to you , but i will be happy if you can send me the origanal schemetic diagrame of a 12vdc to 240vac inverter 5oow, i have some other diagrams but they did not work at all, this is the information of what i am working on, i used 4047 ic to create the oscillation , LM324 IC sound chip for amplifing the oscillation wave for the base of the 2n3055 transistors and a ups transformer for amplifing the voltage, but i used 1ohm or 0.047 ohm but on the diagram i was to use o.1 ohm resistor to connect the emitters to the nagative terminal it is because i did not get 0.1 ohm, plz helpe to get the origanal information i will be more than greateful.
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