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Homework Help: Investiation - aerodynamics

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    I have to do an investigation in Pysics, I chose aerodynamics of a paper plane...
    the thing is I am new to aerodynamics. basically I only want to know the areas of aerodynamics that are applied onto a paperplane so I can research these and get to know more about them.
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    please I need this... can no one help me?
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    hey :) i read that you are/have researched to aerodynamics of a paper plane. i am currently doing an investigaiton similar to that, but im mainly focusing on the effect that a greater wing span has on the amount of lift..

    ive researched the bernoulli and newton explanations and was wondering, since you would know that a paper plane has a flat wing instead of an airfoil design, what explaination would than create the lift of the plan?
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    Well the most simplistic and obvious cause of lift is: the wings push the air downwards (normaly. If the p. airpale works properly) so according to newtons law, the air applies an equal and opposite force on the wings. And that is basically why lift occures.

    I hope this was useful
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