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Homework Help: Investigate electrical oscillation by charge and discharge

  1. Oct 6, 2006 #1
    I have several question to ask?
    1)why the voltage oscillates and amplitude decrease ?
    2)how the frequency be affected by varing capacitance value and removed double c core ?
    3)what is the corresponding physical quantities between spring -mass oscillation and electical oscillation?

    I have a few ideas:
    1)since the capacitor is fully charged,when the switch isset to discharge the capacitor,there is a sudden increase in current in the inductor,B-field is induced ,then the induced current is inversely return to the capacitor,in this process ,energy is dissipated,thus V oscillate,A decrease

    2)because f=2 (pi)(1/LC)^1/2
    thus L or C increase ,resulted in f decrease

    3)m/k=1/LC ???

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