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Homework Help: Investigate neptune

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    hello. i have to investigate neptune and i don't know what exactly to investigate. all i can find is that the interior is a bit of a mystery. what type of instrument (employed by a satellite) would be able to unravel this? i really need more than this but i don't know what else about neptune is important to study. i really need help on this because ive got to get working on it. i would appreciate ANY suggestions or guidance.
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    Why don't you take a look at the Huygens probe that recently investigated the atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan? The same kind of spacecraft could be useful on Neptune.

    - Warren
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    thanks. i think can use one of those instruments. the instruments i seem to be looking at all look at the atmosphere. is there anything that could give hints about the "surface"? what else would be significant to find out about neptune? surrounding area, magnetic field, heat source...i can't think of much else. would instruments meant to measure land work for neptune?
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