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Investigatory project help pleeeaassee!

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    Hi! I really want to make a difference in my school's science fair on january.. Usually, the interactive projects are always similar and they aren't any fun at all. I want to win at the contest and this interactive science project is also the basis for majority of my physics grade.. please help me.. I want it to be fun.. maybe magic associated with Physics or any innovations that is not yet so common in the market would be helpful.. email me at honz415@yahoo.com... please.. help me.. =)
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    actually, i'm thinking of creating a heat-powered fan.. but to do that, it would require me to create a thermoelectric generator as well.. --> how would i do that?
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    Claude Bile

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    You can buy Helium Neon Lasers from hardware stores quite cheaply nowadays. You can do lots of neat stuff with a laser.

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