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Investigatory project

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    dear friends ,
    i am a high school student..
    i and my friend are supposed to do an investigatory project on chemistry.
    our topic is on food adulteration..
    we finished the experiment on adulteration of milk.
    we are supposed to present 10 - 12 pages of relevant information on food adulteration.
    i have surfed enough through the net ( i guess ) for these information, but i haven't got any satisfactory results.

    it wud be kind of u to help me on this issue. please. if u can advise me with some web pages or other sources .

    thank u
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    useful website for searching


    If your local library has a subscription, there is a vast amount of scientific articles on the Internet. For example, please go to this address to see whether you can find any valuable information. Use the "quick search" option and give all of the keywords with spaces between them.

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    thanks for ur kind advice.. chem tr. it was of immense help ..
    thank you, this project of ours I believe is very important. milk is consumed by so many people that it must be looked into. I will report back with my findings.

    investigatory project
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