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Io spectroscopy

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    I want to measure the rotational speed of Io using a spectrograph, using the doppler formula. Since it is rotating around Jupiter, i have to take the velocity relative to jupiter, but I wonder tough how this is possible when Io is not rotating at an right angle to my observation point. Is there some mathematical way to solve this?
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    You'll want to take the dot product of Io's velocity vector with your unit observation vector (a magnitude 1 vector pointing towards Io):

    [tex]v_r = \vec{v}_{total} \cdot \hat{u}[/tex]

    This translates into red or blueshift in the usual way:

    [tex]\frac{\Delta \lambda}{\lambda}=\frac{v_r}{c}[/tex]

    Note that you'll want it to be moving parallel to your observation vector if you want a large radial velocity.
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