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since we have CDR, which is cheap and can store 700MB, why do we need Zip drive?

i never had a friend using I-omega zip drive, it is a dead product.

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Any Iomega product is toast. Do not invest in Iomega. Buy yourself a dvd burner if you need more storage, otherwise stay with your cd burner.
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Iomega disks are too expensive to be viable in the future.

The reasons I own one now though are:

1) The labs in school do not include CD burners, so it's either one zip or 5 floppys.

2) Copying large files to zip drive is still a faster process than burning CDs. No special software is needed (other than the drivers, obviously), you just drag and drop from windows explorer.
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people are still using zips? wow... that fad i thought had died.
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I play with old laptops that have tiny hard drives and lack many of the ports found on more modern computers. Here is a proceedure;
1 fdisk, format, install DOS.
2 Install zip driver.
3 download compatible programs with fast computer and store on zip.
4 transfer from zip disk to laptop hard drive.

Laplink cuts out the need for a zip drive though. Ok I confess, someone gave me a couple of zip drives (that ought to tell you something right there) and I've been playing with them.