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Ion exchange resins

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I am doing a lab called "Complexometric Determination of Cobalt"

    and am asked "Explain why an anion resin can be used to separate a mixture of cations such as Co(II) and Ni(II)"

    I have no idea. My text book says that cation exchange resins are used to separate cations. So part of me wants to say that you can't use an anion resin...but our lab uses an anion resin to separate them so it has to be able to.

    I can't find any resources that explain how an anion resin could be used to separate cations.
    I would think an anion resin wouldn't be able to attract cations at all since it is made up of positively charged groups on the stationary phase, which would repel the cations.

    So confused.

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    Do you know step by step procedure for your lab?
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    Is it terminology? - that cation exchange resins are anionic, i.e. their covalently attached groups are anions? :confused:
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