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Ion Life channel

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    Do any of you get this channel? Have you seen the show "Get Out"? It's a travel show where these three girls travel around the world and tell you about it. Oh, and they only wear bikini tops and they only go to tropical areas. I can't get enough of this show. It is so sexist, because these girls have absolutely nothing going for them except that they are good looking. They are the kind of girls who think they are smart and funny, because they've been told that they were by every guy they've ever met. I've got to make a list of some of their quotes.

    "We were like astronauts, but in the water."

    "I got to pet a snapper."-this one turned me on a little.

    "So, like, she went first and then she went second so like that made me third."-this is funny because it is how one of the girls describes everything they do.

    "I said, Katie, there's no piranha's in here. This is fresh water."

    These are just things I heard them say while I was typing this.
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    I want to be a Waterstronaut. :(
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    "I was trying to get her off, but I just couldn't get her off"~talking about a rope bridge they tried to make each other fall off of.
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