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Ion Thrusters

  1. Dec 15, 2011 #1
    Hi my friends
    I wanted to build a ion thruster for some research projects.
    I searched in net and find out that there are a lot of papers relating to design and increasing performance of ion thrusters, but i couldn't find a build paper or site!
    Please if any of you knew about build requirement and tools please share it to your friends.

    I wanted to thank admin for this great and extraordinary web page.

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    Afaik, ion thrusters operate only in a vacuum. Have you taken this into account?
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    You can simulate their operation in Lab. of course it has some error but you can modify lab research data with vacuum.I think it is done in NASA e.g. and some other organizations so you can use their data.
    My question was basically build a small one.we will work on other problems as we progress through the topic.
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    Presumably you could use a chamber with a lowish but not hard vacuum. That wouldn't be too difficult to engineer, I suppose but the forces are pretty small so even convection currents could be significant.
    Sounds like some interesting technical problems to solve. Good luck with it.
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