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Ionic conductivity

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    Could someone please drop a link, a book name or an understandable explanation on what ionic conductivity in solids is? I am a 3rd year Applied Physics student and understand the basic concept, but a deeper description would be interesting for me: for example, how is resistance calculated, what would be characteristic times of ions hopping and so on. I have looked through a textbook by Kittel (Intro. to Solid State Ph., 8th edition), but did not find a satisfactory discussion.

    Thank you very much.
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    Ionic resistivity is calculated similarly to electronic resistivity; it's inversely related to the charge, the carrier density, and the mobility. Mobility, mean free path, and hopping times are all analyzed by kinetic theory, and a good general textbook is Baluffi et al., Kinetics of Materials. Since ionic conductivity is important in ceramics, it's often addressed in these textbooks (e.g., Chiang et al., Physical Ceramics).
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    A perfect answer, thanks!
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