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IOS development registration

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    I'm registering a userid for iOS Developer University Program (as it is the only free) that I would like to do some stuff with with iPhone emulator, they pass me back to Japan and now the Japanese staff ask me to call them directly. They give me the number 0120-933-388 which I guess is a free phone call from inside Japan, I am not sure if it is possible and is free from outside at all.
    Why do Apple have to mess things up with $$$ in everything they do/create ? I don't think their contemporaries such as Samsung, Nokia etc provide worse iPhone-like mobile devices.
    Also I don't like the fact that wheeling down my mouse is to move up my cursor on Macs.:devil:
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    I suggest you play by their rules if you want to eventually get your app approved (if you ever build it) because they are king atm.

    IMO (and I am not even an apple fanboy), the iPhone is still the superior smart phone. One thing to keep in mind is the difference between hardware and the actual OS. It could be argued that Samsung has phones on the market that exceed the iPhone 4s, however, Apple's IOS is better than android.

    In Lion, you can change your mouse settings to go back to the Leopard type controls.
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