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IoT and Intel Galileo gen 2

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    I have completed a small project on power analysis using Intel galileo board and arduino IDE. The output is displayed on the serial monitor. Now I want to put the data on dweet.io , as IoT. How should I proceed? I have used ubuntu OS for running arduino. Could anyone give me the step-wise procedure? Do I need to use an ethernet shield for that?
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    Let us see:
    • I do not know about dweet.io, but you need to have some sort of access to it. The usual kind of access is through FTP, but using raw TCP to a pre-determined port is also a possibility. This is the first thing you must find out.
    • Since you are running Ubuntu, you already have the TCP/IP protocol suite installed. What you need now is a way to use that. The simplest way is to connect to an existing network using either Ethernet or Wi-Fi. If no such network is available, you must find another way to connect to the Internet. One way is using a modem and a dial-up line to a provider. The protocol for handling that is called PPP, and I assume Ubuntu has that covered.
    • Now, assuming that you have successfully found a way to transfer data to dweet.io, you must determine how to present your data. This is more complicated than just printing numbers to a terminal - you need a structure around your numbers. If you want to look at the data using a web browser, you need to created a HTML file incorporating your data. If you just want the raw data accessible via FTP, you still need to put your data into a file and transfer that file as a unit.
    This is just a short summary, you may already have some other ideas for your data. But be thankful for Ubuntu - the communications protocols are in place and tested out. Writing a set of communications protocols are not trivial, and would probably take years.
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