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Ip address tracing

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    how do you trace an ip address? I'm not looking for anyone's exact location.. just mainly city/state/country and how accurate can it be
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    Ok, if u have the ip address, then u have to cionvert it to the ip number and then on referring to some datasheet u can match this ip numer to its location
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    Try using a reverse lookup tool. This will give you information (if the user sumbitted to interNIC allowing info to be published) on the 'owner' of the IP address.... Endusers typically do NOT own IP addresses, but ISP's do... So you could probably find the ISP who owns the IP address then you could find which country the ISP is located in...

    hmmmm what you talking about? :eek:
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    reverse look up tool?

    ok... where do I find one of these reverse look up tools? is there a free download?
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    Try http://www.networkingfiles.com/PingFinger/downloads/neotraceexpressdownload.htm [Broken] program.
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    I had a site that gives you the exact location, but i lost it :(
    no need to download any program...
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    http://info-x.co.uk/netools/netools.asp?tool=13 [Broken]

    Here is a site you can use
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    Thanks, anti crank, anttech and robphy... your input has proved most helpful!
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    hey you can try superscan its a good program with some additional features.
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