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IP aliases and WAN

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    I'm working on a personal project in python. It's a chat program and its working nicely. The problem is that it only works nicely over a LAN connection. My friend cant connect to my chat server. This server, by the way, is not web-based. It just uses simple sockets and client-server connections. Watered down, it looks like this:

    Enter an IP address:
    Enter a port number:

    If I'm hosting, what IP address does my friend enter to connect to my server? The port is 5555.

    Lets say my IPs are:

    Thanks in advance,
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    Just as a sanity check, does your router allow and know where to send incoming requests from the internet on that port? If so, does your ISP allow it? I know a friend of mine switched ISP's because his ISP was explicitly blocking port 80, trying to prevent him from having a webserver.

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    You could use a virtual private network program like Hamachi or Tunngle to use LAN features over the internet.
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    Well we just switched to road runner about three weeks ago so I'm not that familiar with it. My program has been working on my computer connecting (chatting) with my computer, and even a connection between my family's computers have worked with my program. I was hoping I didn't have to resort to other programs in order to run mine over WAN though.
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