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IP Blocking Software

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    I'm looking for free, IP Blocking/anonymizing software.

    I've used Anonymizer, but the free sample is inconvenient and most of the time, doesn't work.
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    Do you mind me asking you why you need this?

    "I've used Anonymizer, but the free sample is inconvenient and most of the time, doesn't work."

    Thats how your going to find them all.

    If you want to do it like the pros, then need to hack some computers, load up a backdoor and a proxy server on them, and use it as a gateway. You could also try connecting to an open wifi network and using that to hide yourself.
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    Do it like the pros?

    Don't the pros, "Crack" and not "Hack", as I've been told "Hackers' is just a made-up name by teenage show-offs causing trouble to get on TV.

    I need it because this admin at a hockey site (Canucks) made fun of the Habs, then banned me.

    I just want to get back in, post a picture of a Stanley Cup saying:

    "You'll never get this"

    and leave.

    It'll show him:

    1. Never mock a Habs fan
    2. Never mock the Habs
    3. Habs fans have all the power
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    lol, nice
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    So how does this, "Hacking" thing work anyways?

    I hear about it, but have no idea. What do you do? Write programs to allow you to go into other people's property to seek and destroy things?

    What's the difference between cracking and hacking? Old Computer geeks always make a big deal when you call a cracker a hacker.

    Anyways, I've used PHPBB before and I'll get back in soon enough. I'll wait until it's less obvious.
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    You got it backwards. The pros "Hack" and not "Crack". Writing your own program to surf anonymously is hacking. Making Linux work with the XBOX is hacking. Finding the right combination to launch a decimalization attack on a bank's pin number is cracking. Stealing credit card numbers is cracking, not to mention Jail time and a 7 feet 400 pound rommmate named Bubba.

    Use the keywords: Stealth, Anonymous, Browsing or any combination of the three to find what you're looking for.
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    Corrected me

    The term cracking is more about modifying some executeable program and skip its limitation, such as activated some functions that being disable due to trial, or make the program skip the need to enter registration code, also making other executeable to alter program, and much more. And in extend meaning it modified limitation not just to exe program, but untill in the real live, but the intention is good. Some crackers, write trainer program for games but they said it for fun, they bought the game and suggest other to buy it. No bad intention there.
    Hack more refer to network or data communication area. Meaning that it about breaking the rules that limited access to people. In networking, there is always limit to enter something, recognized user, the administrator, guest, all have different authority and resource that they can have. Hack is about to ignore this rules, by gaining access that not supposed to be. The good one do this hacking for good purpose, warning the administrator that his/her system has somekind of hole or weakness that could do harm, other for testing some security and guard system from bad. Not always make sense why people do this, may be for fun, may be for fame, who knows.
    The bad one do this to harm other people, make other system down, spying other, destroy other data, change his own bank account, and other unimagineable bad effect in the area of computer usefull in.
    In the end the difference of cracking and hacking is quite blur, they could be mix together and what we named that?
    And what kind of people could be named pro in this area? Not too clear, the pro in hacking is the one who never known, then he never exist, if he never exist then there is no pro. But some says if in the community, known respected people give credit to someone than the one can named pro already, but never there is a sharp line about that, quite hard too to differ the good and bad one in this matter. But if the effect not harming and there usefull to many people, quite good enough I guess.
    Hacking and cracking is about gaining power, theres no wrong in that. But power come to people and its all end to the people, like you could use knife to cut meat, that very usefull, you could also murder someone with that. There’s no wrong with the knife, the people I guess is the problem.
    I hope I help some explanation not more confusing.
    Corect me if I’m wrong.
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